Meet Pet Therapy Pig Mary Piggins as Part of Your Wedding

Learn about pigs as pets, pet and feed her treats, and get a keepsake digital photo!


Meet a Friendly Pet Pig as Part of Your Wedding

Couples eloping and getting married as part of my Woodland Package have the opportunity to add-on a fun, educational visit with my pet therapy pig, Mary Piggins. She is a trained pig who is certified as a therapy pig by the American Mini Pig Association. This means that she is trained to meet with people to help them learn about pigs as pets and why we save them at Piggins and Banks Pig and Animal Sanctuary.

Piggins is house-broken, knows many tricks, and loves to meet new people for pets and treats!

Pigs are some of the smartest animals on the planet and I love giving couples the opportunity to learn about how special they really are.

Included in the Mary Piggins add-on:

  • 10 minute visit with Mary Piggins
  • Pet her and feed her treats
  • Learn about pigs as pets and how they serve as therapy animals
  • Digital keepsake photo with Piggins
  • Visit Mary Piggins’ website to learn more about her

Want to Meet Mary Piggins as Part of Your Wedding?

Mary Piggins Pet Therapy Pig Gallery

Here are some videos and photos of previous couples who have met with Mary Piggins (click the video / photo to view).
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