Come to Virginia to Get Married from Another State

Come to Virginia to Get Married from Another State

Just because you don’t live in Virginia doesn’t mean you can’t get married here. In fact, couples from all over the country come to Virginia because of how easy it is to get married here…all within the same day too!

Justin and Leanne made a day trip from the Baltimore, MD area out to my neck of the woods in Winchester, VA to elope and get married. They contacted me ahead of time, told me their plans, and I was happy to guide them through the super easy process of getting your marriage license in Virginia. Leanne’s only concern was if they would have enough time to get their license, get married, and have photos taken at Blandy Farm (their chosen location) all in the same day. I was happy to reassure them both. Here’s a little excerpt from our email conversation:

Leanne: “The only question I have is would we have time to get the marriage license in Winchester the same day, before the noon ceremony? We will be coming from Baltimore, MD and were planning on getting the license in Winchester. Do you think we would have time if we got there first thing in the morning?”

Me: “Sure, you will have plenty of time. The Winchester Courthouse is only 20-25 minutes or so away from Blandy Farm. It also takes only 20-30 minutes to get your marriage license. So if you get there at 11 a.m., that should give you plenty of time to get your license and then head over to Blandy to meet me there at our planned time of Noon.”

Everything went according to plan and I married them on a pleasant December morning. It was perfect, aside from that fact that while taking their photos, I held onto their sunglasses and forgot to give them back before leaving Blandy Farm! Luckily I realized this before getting too far and was able to turn-around and give them back. So a note to you potential couples…if I hold onto something for you during your photo session, remind me to give it back before driving away. 😉

Coming from Baltimore to get married in Virginia? Contact me and let’s discuss how to make it happen.

  • Location: Blandy Farm / State Arboretum of Virginia • Boyce, VA
  • Date: December 2017

Check out some highlights from the day below. Click on the photo to view a larger version:

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