Elope and Get Married at the Park in Winchester, Virginia

Elope and Get Married at the Park in Winchester, Virginia

Having married hundreds of couples, I have found that there are some people looking for a simple, short, no-frills, but fun type of elopement. Ceasar and Carrie were one of these couples. Both of them are die-hard football fans of teams with a long, historic rivalry (Ceasar and his Philadelphia Eagles, Carrie and her Washington Redskins). Having seen his beloved Eagles FINALLY win the Superbowl for the first time in their history, Ceasar was now going to marry Carrie to make this month of February one of the best of his life!

Both Ceasar and Carrie told me that they wanted just a short, simple, sweet elopement at the park with photographs. They also asked if they could bring along their bulldog, which was of course okay with me. When I arrived that late February afternoon, I was thrilled to see both of them dressed in football jerseys, along with some football props to use for their photographs. I married Ceasar and Carrie overlooking Wilkens Lake at Jim Barnett Park. They both exchanged their own personal vows, and after pronouncing them as married, we spent some time taking some fun photos.

A wedding can be short, simple, sweet, and fun with only the two of you (and me, the officiant) in attendance like Ceasar and Carrie had. If this sounds like the type of elopement or small wedding you are looking for, I can easily help you make it happen. Visit this link that shows how the whole process works to get married in Virginia, and then contact me to set up a date and time to marry you.

  • Location: Jim Barnett Park, Winchester, VA
  • Date: February 2018

Check out some highlights from the day below. Click on the photo to view a larger version:

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