Having a Small, Easy, and Memorable Wedding in Virginia

Having a Small, Easy, and Memorable Wedding in Virginia

On April 12 I received an email from Coralynn and Amr asking for my help and guidance in getting married. They had been together for a few years, engaged for close to one, but wanted to get married within the next week with a few guests in attendance. They were not sure if it was even possible or where to start.

I was more than happy to help them out and first explained how easy it is to get married in Virginia. Really there are only three required things to get married in Virginia: 1) a marriage license (which is easy to get and can be done in a matter of minutes)…2) a wedding officiant legally able to perform weddings in all of Virginia (me)…and 3) the couple themselves (haha). Believe it or not the hardest part of getting married in Virginia with guests is finding a date and time that works for everyone!

After ironing out logistics and choosing a venue from my list of recommended locations, I met Amr and Coralynn at Blandy Farm where I married them on April 19 and took photographs of the couple and their guests. So within one week of contacting me, these two wonderful people were able to get legally married at a scenic venue with a few family and friends in attendance, with some nice photographs to cherish forever of their wedding day. A quick and easy way to get married…but still just as memorable as a big or expensive wedding.

Does this sound like what you are looking for in regards to your own wedding day? If so, please reach out and I will be happy to show you how easily it can be done.

“I just wanted to say thank you again for last Thursday, it went great and we really appreciate your work. We have gotten our marriage certificate from the courthouse and the pictures look amazing. Thank you so much and all the best in the future!” – Coralynn

Check out some highlights from the day below. Click on the photo to view a larger version:

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