Same Day Marriage Service in Winchester, VA

I offer same day marriages in Winchester, Virginia.
Get married today!

Looking for a quick and fast, same day marriage service? I can marry you with little to no waiting period.

If you decide to get your marriage license and get married on the same day, I can officiate your quick ceremony immediately.

Getting a same day marriage license and ceremony in Winchester is easy.

First you need to get your marriage license. Don’t worry! Winchester, VA offers a same day marriage license.

All you need to do is stop by the Frederick County or Winchester City courthouse (both located at 5 N Kent St, Winchester, VA 22601), show an ID (like your driver’s license) and pay a small fee for the marriage license and you are ready to get married.

Let me help you pick a location for your same day marriage.

I can perform your marriage in the courthouse in public view, or at any other public location in Winchester, Frederick County…or anywhere in Virginia for that matter. You can view my list of recommended locations in Winchester here:

You can come from West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Maryland or anywhere and get married in Winchester, VA!

Couples have many reasons for coming to Winchester, Virginia to get married, but some of the most common ones are:

  • NO waiting period (get your marriage license and get married the same day
  • NO blood tests
  • NO additional documentation needed other than an ID (driver’s license)
  • Affordable marriages
  • Scenic Areas
  • Friendly People
  • A drive through the lovely mountains on the way to Winchester

For example this couple (Eric and Megan) sent me a message that they wanted to be married “tomorrow” and we worked together to make it happen!

Many couples make a day trip out of their visit to Winchester to get married. For example, you can come out to Winchester in the morning, spend 10-15 minutes getting your marriage license, and another 20 minutes getting married with a quick photograph session and that’s it! You have the rest of the day to spend in and around Winchester.

Have lunch at one of the great restaurants in Old Town Winchester. Visit a nearby trail for a fun and scenic hike in the mountains. There are so many options on how to spend your day in a town I love to call home.

Ready to get married today?

Fill out my short contact form I will respond to you shortly with my availability for a same day marriage.

Interested in some photographs of you both to cherish your memorable day? Being a professional photographer I also offer that as well. You can see my available photography packages here if interested.

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