Elope and Get Married in the Mountains of Virginia

Elope and Get Married in the Mountains of Virginia

When you ask couples about their dream wedding location, some will tell you it is to get married while overlooking majestic mountains. Living in the Shenandoah Valley area, I am very fortunate to have easy access to one of the best national parks in the country with fantastic mountain views. Shenandoah National Park is a location I always suggest to couples looking to elope (or have a short, small wedding with a few guests in attendance) at a setting with breath-taking scenery. You simply cannot beat the gorgeous vistas that are present as you travel along Skyline Drive, which is the main road that takes you the entire length of the park.

Atanas and Eunice wished to get married in the park so I was happy to oblige and help them out. After getting their Virginia marriage license (which can even be done the same day), they traveled to Shenandoah National Park and met me at a pre-determined overlook area where I married them in a short, sweet elopement ceremony. Naturally we took some photographs after I married them, and with scenic landscapes present throughout the park, it’s hard NOT to take a good photo!

If this sounds like something you want for your wedding day but are not sure where to start, fill out my contact form and I will get back to you ASAP. It’s easier than you think to get married in the mountains, especially in the great state of Virginia.

  • Location: Shenandoah National Park, Front Royal, VA
  • Date: February 2018

Check out some highlights from the day below. Click on the photo to view a larger version:

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