How to Have a Beautiful Spring Wedding in Virginia

How to Have a Beautiful Spring Wedding in Virginia

If you have read through my site you will know by now how quick and easy it is to get married in Virginia. Book a date and time on my calendar, get your marriage license, and you can be married the same day in a matter of minutes! But what if you are looking for something a little extra special for your small family? Be it parents or children of your own, sometimes there are a certain special few whom you want to be present on your wedding day. Also maybe you want to get married on a nice spring day, but are unsure where to begin?

Well I have great news…it’s just as easy to get married with your family present and in a nice outdoor setting!

Jeremey and Gwinn presented this exact scenario to me. They wanted to have a quick simple wedding somewhere nice outdoors with a few pictures, but wanted their children to be present too. While I have a list of locations I often recommend around the Winchester, VA area, one of my personal favorites (especially during the spring time), is the Blandy Farm State Arboretum. Blandy is a free public park open year round and home to many trees and wildlife. The best part is the State Arboretum allows me to hold weddings there free of charge (for under 15 people in attendance), with the note that donations are encouraged for this kind gesture. Read more about Blandy and their terms of use.

Like Jeremey and Gwinn, if you schedule your wedding with me far enough in advance and get on my calendar for the spring months of April and May, you may be lucky enough to see the flowers and trees blooming at Blandy. This makes for an amazing setting for your wedding pictures, as you can see below in the few examples.

Are you looking to have a small, affordable, and memorable wedding exactly like Jeremey and Gwinn? Contact me now and let’s talk to discuss how you can schedule your wedding and have a day full of memories you will never forget.

“Thank you so much, and the photos are wonderful!” – Gwinn M.

Check out some highlights from the day below. Click on the photo to view a larger version:

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